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Performer Magazine “Fragments” Review

“The newest release from Milwaukee’s Elusive Parallelograms, Fragments, is a raw, energetic representation of the band’s DIY spirit and approach to producing records. Opening with “Lucidity,” a sub-90 second song, it is immediately clear that this act is something different

  • Alternative Press shows off 8-bit

    Rocks Like: Blur, Smashing Pumpkins, the Stone Roses In 2005, the six members of Elusive Parallelograms found themselves playing together at different house parties at Marquette University and decided to turn the jam sessions into a real thing, explains guitarist/vocalist

  • Slug Magazine gives us their opinion

    “This EP tears me in two different directions. I like half of it, but the other half makes me want to yank my headphones off and smash them into oblivion.” – John Ford To check out the full report click

  • Speakercreatures loves Elusive Parallelograms!

    Review: Fragments by Elusive Parallelograms by: Mary Walker “Milwaukee sextet Elusive Parallelograms wants you to believe they are all genres you love and will be everything you want them to be. They are master manipulators and I’ve completely fallen for

  • The Fire Note Song Review/Premiere for Semantics

    “With their new Fragments EP out tomorrow, you can now hear the premiere of single “Semantics” from Milwaukee, WI band Elusive Parallelograms. Fragments represents their fifth release and finds the band growing and more confident than ever.” Full article over