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Exploring Russia in Preparing World Cup 2018


World Cup 2018 is coming soon! Russia will be the host of this football prestigious event. Let’s talk about their preparation to welcome World Cup 2018. Exploring-Russia-in-Preparing-World-Cup-2018.jpg Stadiums for World Cup 2018. Russians football players are ready to welcome players from different countries to enjoy their country. Even, Igor Akinfeev said that they are 100% ready to welcome all people around the world. To introduce Russia and its sport, there have been several great sport events and matches held.

For example, Luzhniki Stadium as the national stadium which will be used for the opening ceremony has been prepared well. Around 80.000 spectators will be the witness of the great FIFA World Cup 2018 opening ceremony. agen sbobet

This is also the place for the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia as well as the final match. This stadium was built around 1950s and 1960s in over 180 hectares area. While watching the match, spectators are able to enjoy the amazing Moskva River.

There is also a cable car to enjoy the scenery as well as go to the stadium faster. There are also several stadiums will be used in World Cup 2018 matches such as Kaliningrad Stadium, Ekaterinburg Arena, Kazan Arena, Spartak Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Rostov Arena, Saint Petersburg Stadium, and Samara Arena. You can also go to the Fisht Stadium and Volgograd Arena to enjoy your favorite World Cup 2018 matches. Russian-Team-For-World-Cup-2018.jpg Russian Team. The interesting part to discuss is also about the preparation of the host team for the matches. Russia is on the group A. They have to fight against Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Uruguay to go to the semifinal. Russia is a strong team and can’t be underestimated.

They have a great coach, Stanislav Cherchesov who was also played in World Cup 1994 and 2002. He has enough experience to prepare his squad to win the World Cup matches. As a coach, Cherchesov has a great career.

He started his career in 2016 and treat Dynamo Moscow and Legia Warsaw well and successfully brought those teams to the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. Moreover, Russia also has a goal machine namely Fedor Smolov.

The best performance was on the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in which he was successfully made a goal against New Zealand. The great performance can’t be separated from the role of Igor Akinfeev. He is the star on the team along with six time tittle winner. He also has over 100 caps and a great national captain.

Interesting Cities to Visit during World Cup 2018. Luzhniki Stadium is not the only place which prepared for the World Cup 2018. There are 11 cities more will be the place for World Cup 2018 matches. Even, some of the cities such as St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Sochi, and Moscow are included on the top ten tourist destinations.

Russia has develops its infrastructure to welcome spectators and tourists around the world. It can be seen from the prestigious accomplishment such as 17th on the list of Travellers’ Choice Award. To welcome the fans, Russia has special preparation programs such as free transfer program to the stadium for fans.

They will be guided by the latest navigation system and also comfortable fans zones. The zones will be ready in popular spots around the cities and fans are able to watch the game broadcasts for free. Fans can buy the ticket easier and faster by using visa.

Specific public places such as hotels, roads, airports, and many more have been remodeled and developed for the comfort of all people around the world who will come to Russia for World Cup 2018. Great-Events-to-Enjoy-during-World-Cup-2018.jpg Great Events to Enjoy during World Cup 2018. There are several great events will be held in Russia to welcome FIFA World Cup 2018. First, there will be a great event known as FIFA Fan Fest. This event will accommodates all spectators who want to watch the matches live along with live music and unique cultural entertainment programs. The most important, it is free!

Second, there is also an amazing event known as FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour. This tour is supported by Coca-Cola. Spectators have a chance to see the original FIFA World Cup Trophy. The tour will be held from September 9th 2017 up to June 7th 2018. You are not only about to see the original trophy but also a chance to take a picture with the trophy!

Third, to get more access on every World Cup 2018 matches, spectators will be supported by a FAN ID. By using this ID, you can enter the match faster and easier legally. Fourth, Russia also builds an online portal known as Welcome 2018 and the function of the portal is to give the latest information about Russia FIFA World Cup 2018.

The information is not only about World Cup 2018 matches but also complete information about the best places to visit in Russia while enjoying the World Cup 2018 and any kind useful information especially for the tourists. Even, you are able to plan your trip to Russia easily during the World Cup 2018 by managing it from this official website.

The idea is to give spectators total guidance while visiting Russia so they can enjoy the country as well as the matches well. There will be regular information about the tickets so all of spectators can get it and watch their favorite matches live. The schedule and information about free travel during World Cup 2018 is also included there.

Russian World Cup 2018 Squad. Stanislav Cherchesov has been prepared his team well. For example, the national team has a friendly match with Dynamo Moscow in September 2017. Moreover, Russian national football team also has a friendly match with several World Cup 2018 countries such as Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and French. It seems that Cherchesov is trying to rebuild his team in a new squad after Euro 2016. The possible Russian squad is including Akinfeev, Kokorin, Smolov, Golovin, Fernandes, and Vasin. Based on the schedule Russia will have a match with Saudi Arabia on June 14th 2018, Egypt at June 19th 2018, and Uruguay at June 25th 2018.

So, are you ready to visit Russia and watch the World Cup 2018 matches live? Just go there and enjoy everything!

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