The List of FIFA World Cup 2018 Stadiums in Russia

Russia is preparing its stadiums to welcome World Cup 2018. Let’s talk about those stadiums and what make them special. The-List-of-FIFA-World-Cup-2018-Stadiums-in-Russia.jpg Luzhniki Stadium

Luzhniki Stadium is the national stadium in Russia and known as the largest stadium in this country. As Russia’s national stadium, Luzhniki will be used as the opening ceremony celebration as well as the opening match.

The first match will be held in this stadium is Russia versus Saudi Arabia. Then, this place will also be used for match between Germany versus Mexico, Portugal versus Morocco, and Denmark versus France. Later, the stadium will be used for the semi final and final World Cup 2018 match.

Overall, there will be 7 matches on Luzhniki Stadium. The stadium is ready to welcome up to 81.000 spectators to enjoy World Cup 2018 matches comfortable. This is a home base for one of popular football teams known as Spartak Moscow.

This is also the place where several prestigious football events held including final UEFA Cup in 1999, the final of Champions League in 2008, IAAF Athletic World Championships in 2013, and FIFA World Cup 2018. The location of this stadium is on the Luzhniki Sports Complex and spectators can reach this place by using the red metro line 1. It takes about 10 minutes ride from Okhotny Ryad or Blibioteka. St.-Petersburg-Stadium-For-World-Cup-2018.jpg St. Petersburg Stadium

Saint Petersburg Stadium or commonly known as Krestovsky Stadium becomes the second stadium which will be used for FIFA World Cup 2018 matches. This is the home base for FC Zenit and it can hold up to 56.196 spectators.

Interestingly, Saint Petersburg Stadium becomes the most expensive stadium in Russia. There will be at least 4 FIFA World Cup 2018 will be held in this stadium those are including Morocco versus Iran, Russia versus Egypt, Brazil versus Costa Rica, and Nigeria versus Argentina. The stadium will be the witness of the third place match and also semifinal matches.

The location of this stadium is on the north west of St. Petersburg and to go to this stadium you have to ride the purple metro line 5. For the easier option you may go there buy bus especially if you want to go from the central St. Petersburg or the northern parts of St. Petersburg. Just pick the bus 10 and bus 25 and don’t miss your favorite FIFA World Cup 2018.

Sochi or Fisht Olympic Stadium

Sochi or Fisht Olympic Stadium is the third stadium in Russia which will be used for FIFA World Cup 2018. This stadium is located on the City of Adler and the interesting part is on the amazing view around it including the Georgian coast and the shore of the Black Sea.

The stadium is ready to welcome up to 47.659 spectators and they are about to enjoy 4 FIFA World Cup 2018 matches here. Just don’t miss the schedule and find the close place to stay because it is the place for Portugal versus Spain, Belgium versus Panama, Germany versus Sweden, and Australia versus Peru, and also semi final matches.

This stadium is close to Sochi’s International Airport so you can just go directly to the stadium after landing. Then, you have to go by bus known as bus 57K. You can also go to the stadium from Adler train station by using bus 57.

Ekaterinburg Arena

Ekaterinburg Arena is the next stadium which will be used for FIFA World Cup 2018. The stadium can hold up to 45.000 spectators and commonly used for local football team namely FC Ural. This stadium is located in the Central of Yekaterinburg and only about 20 minutes walk from the Principal Square.

The stadium has been renovated to follow the standard of World Cup 2018 and reopened on April 1st 2018 along with the match between FC Ural and Rubin Kazan. There will also 4 FIFA World Cup 2018 matches hold on this stadium which are Egypt versus Uruguay, Frances versus Peru, Japan versus Senegal, and Mexico versus Sweden.

To go to the stadium, you just need to take train from Yekaterinburg. You may also go there by riding tram such as tram 3, tram 5, tram 7, tram 21, tram 27, and tram 32. Those trams will guide you to Kommunarov Square and you just need to walk a few minutes before arriving on the stadium.

Kazan Arena Kazen-ARena.jpg FIFA World Cup 2018 will also be held at Kazan Arena. The location of the stadium is in the north east of the city of Kazan. This is the place where FC Rubin Kazan fans support their favorite football team. Before chosen as the host of World Cup 2018, Kazan Arena has been used for the opening and closing ceremony of the 27th Summer Universidad.

The stadium can hold up to 45.000 spectators to support their favorite team. You are about to see 4 different matches which are France versus Australia, Iran versus Spain, Poland versus Columbia, and Korean Republic versus Germany. Then, it will be used to hold the round of 16 and semi final matches.

The best way to go to the stadium is by riding a tram. Just make sure that you are riding tram 5 or tram 6. If you want to take different alternative, try to go there by riding the trolleybus 7 or any kind of local buses that pass the stadium.

Nihzny Novgord Stadium

Nizhny Novgord Stadium is also chosen as one of the hosts for FIFA World Cup 2018 matches. The location is close to the Oka River and Nizhny railway station. You are about to see amazing scenery while watch the matches.

Regularly, the stadium is used by the local football team, FC Olympiyets and it can hold up to 45.000 spectators. The interesting part, the stadium is a new one which opened in 2018 to welcome FIFA World Cup 2018.

The first match was held on April 15th 2018 and it was Olympiets versus Zenith II. Just go to this stadium if you want to see the matches between Sweden versus Korea Republic, Argentina versus Croatia, England versus Panama, and Switzerland versus Costa Rica. The round of 16 and semi final matches will also hold in this stadium.

To reach the stadium, you can just take any public transportation which directed to the Oka River, the Kremlin, or Nizhny’s railway station. Then, you can take a walk to go to the stadium.